Group dynamics seminars

Here you will find our wide range of group dynamics training sessions: same basic melody, different accentuation – this is ÖGGO!

In our training group sessions, which are usually 4 to 6 days in length, you will find yourself actively involved in a multi-faceted and multidimensional group process. This Here&Now learning setting offers unique learning opportunities about your impact & effectiveness, and promotes active awareness of the typical happenings and phenomena in groups as well as how you can influence them or integrate the non-feasible into your work. Use this rehearsal stage to develop your perception and action skills in real time; creatively encounter the unknown and expand your repertoire for your practical application with groups and teams in organizations and society.

The training sessions are open to team players, executives, experts, designers and basically everyone who is interested in team and group processes, from all industries and fields. The training groups are both an introduction (recommended) and a central component of the overall group dynamics and organisational consulting training. All training sessions are organized or led by ÖGGO teachers or members.

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